“Connie made a delicious and moist three tiered chocolate cake for a special occasion. It looked professionally finished and tasted outstanding. I highly recommend these cakes!”

Sony Dhokia, Teacher

“Connie has the ‘Best’ textured, tasty cupcakes I have ever had in my life…which is over 4 decades of eating all over a few continents.”

Adediran Ogunlana, Test Consultant

“So delicious! We’ve eaten 4 or 5 different cakes at this point and they are always super tasty. You can see that she puts her passion into the decoration, and once you’ve tasted the orange and lemon syrups you’ll be hooked."

Jessica Slep

“Connie's bakes are a treat, not just for the palette but also for the eyes. She puts such a lot of love into the magic she produces in the oven, so we are never disappointed, and always pleasantly surprised! With her cakes, one slice is never enough, and with her personal touch at decorating them, we couldn't resist sharing the pics on social media - every angle was Instagram-worthy! Her eggless golden syrup cake was beautiful and light, with edible roses, lime icing and ground pistachios. One of my favourite memories from this sweet baker - thank you Connie!”

Jenny Lim. Event manager

“I can truly recommend Connie’s cakes - they are delicious, made from fresh ingredients and well presented. You can really see that Connie loves cakes.”

Paulina Nazarczuk, Artist

“I was lucky enough to taste many cakes and cupcakes made by Connie. They came in different shapes and tastes, but they all had one thing in common - they were amazing. Looks like hard work, talent and best quality ingredients are the clear recipe for success.”

Michal Gutowski, Software engineer

"Best tiramisu ever! Seriously; and I'm a fussy eater. Just the right balance of flavours and texture, and beautifully presented too. I was hooked from the first bite. I've yet to try any other tiramisus that comes close to Connie's recipe”

Edward Bonso, Fundraiser